Aldeavip: How to Create a Men’s Autumn Wardrobe

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As we enter August and the weather begins to cool down, it’s time to start preparing for your best autumn wardrobe.

Why now?

Because having your seasonal outfits ready to go means that you’ll be able to go into every season with confidence and style. That starts with your shoes because, after all, they’re the foundation of your look.

It’s an exciting time - we can start moving away from lighter, summery tones and look towards darker, more moody colors and aesthetics. So, to help you get a headstart on your autumn fashion, we’ve put together three shoes that we think work best for the autumn months.

The J.Bradford AITOR - Green

Green isn’t something you’d normally expect from your shoes - which is exactly why we’ve included it in our list. Most men are used to black, brown or dark blue in their loafers, but as we move away from turquoises and lighter hues, this suede-style green loafer is the perfect autumn shoe.

Made with exposed stitching around the top seam for an almost homemade, rustic look and inlay with a golden-brown fabric on the inside, it’s a warmer, cozier shoe that’s sure to stand out amidst the rest of your usual shoe choices.

We recommend matching it with an olive or beige selection of pants and shirt, balanced with some minimalist charcoals. Consider trying these out with your best pair of beige chinos and a taupe shirt to create an earthy, cool look!

The J.Bradford Melbourne - Camel

This shoe still captures some of the sun that will be lingering as we move into autumn, especially if you live in a warmer climate, but also evokes the rich browns and orange hues of autumn leaves that will soon be filling the streets and parks.

It’s an exotic twist on the classic oxford style, with an extended toe, pronounced heel and some aesthetic trims that add an extra flair to this shoe. We love the way it marries a vintage style with some unique twists.

This shoe is the perfect match for any man who enjoys a more formal style, even when they’re in a casual mood. The rich, camel coloring pairs perfectly with charcoal suit pants and will contrast perfectly with a bold white or checkered shirt.

If it’s your first time wearing a pair of formal shoes, it’s the ideal place to start while still keeping your wardrobe exciting and innovative.

The J.Bradford Troy - Cognac

Whether you’re looking to keep your autumn wardrobe casual, or you simply want to branch out as we move into August and September, this slip-on shoe is a fantastic choice that’s going to help keep you active, cool and stylish.

Featuring a trendy, mesh style which both adds texture while making the shoe more breathable and contrasting the saturated, golden cognac colors with a thick, white trim, this shoe is a casual entry with plenty going on.

It pairs perfectly with a pair of blue jeans and a simple white tee, but also works well with a light leather jacket or cardigan. For older men looking for a more youthful look, we can’t recommend it enough!

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The J.Bradford Oxford Amanecer - Brown

Still looking for other summer styles?


With the seasons changing, so should your wardrobe. The beauty of these entries is that they’ll still look fantastic on the warmer days, but truly hold their own as we see more clouds in the sky and as the days grow shorter.

So, if you’re looking for some fantastic new additions to your wardrobe as we move into darker, cooler days - then these are the best place to start.

Or, feel free to find something that speaks to your style in our fantastic catalog today!

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