Aldeavip: Our Best Leather Shoes for Summer

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Summer is finally in full swing and you’ll need a wardrobe of stylish shoes to match.

And just because we’re looking forward to long summer days and warm, festive evenings doesn’t mean you should be stuck with the same, single pair of shoes from here until September.

To help you create an array of awesome looks, we’ve put together our Top 5 Aldeavip picks for June, that range from smart, smart-casual and, well, casual!

This way, you’ll be ready for every event, festivity, party or day in the office that summer throws at you!

Without further ado, let’s kick off the list!

The Peter Blade Blue-Silver Milliard

This classic-shaped shoe features an artsy, cool twist. Made with a faded, almost vintage blue leather and featuring a quirky, textured toe, it strikes a perfect balance between a dedicated office shoe and something that will catch eyes at your next cocktail party.

With a pronounced heel, burnt-golden inner lining and classic laces, it’s the perfect marriage of timeless style with modern flair!

The Peter Blade Taupe Leather Toluca

The most sporty entry on our list, this new-age sneaker features a textured leather exterior in taupe, that is contrasted perfectly by a bold blue stripe and bleached white trim on the sole. 

Comfortable, functional but still with enough youthful style to make every casual event that much more casual, it’s a great way to add variety to your wardrobe if you’ve been amassing a few too many formal shoes over the years.

Paired with a nice, dressed-down pair of chinos and a linen shirt, it can take years off your wardrobe and your style the moment you put it on!

The J.Bradford Camel Leather Sinclair

Like a nice glass of aged wine or a rolled cigar, this shoe’s charm comes from its aged, almost vintage look. The leather is purposefully sun-blemished and the frills on the tongue of the shoe give it a dated, but iconic look.

It has a broad opening for your foot, making it perfect to pair with a set of roll-up trousers or pants, and the pronounced heel hearkens back to the style and fit one would see in the 17th or 18th century.

They call shoes like these timeless for a reason, you know…

The J.Bradford Cognac Leather Escudo

Like the rich liquor it was named after, this shoe features a rich, golden-brown colour and is perhaps the shoe with the most character on this list.

An offshoot of the classic boat shoe, but with a thicker, more textured sole, it strikes a perfect balance between summer vibes and daily functionality.

It’s a fantastic addition to any wardrobe that feels a bit showy, without any alternatives for a wetter summer’s day, or simply one where you want the comfort of extra grip.

All while being incredibly stylish, of course.

The J.Bradford Leather Poupe

This iconic shoe evokes images of sun, sails, boats on the water and lots, lots more. It seems as if it would fit perfectly with a naval outfit, a 70-foot yacht and nothing but open ocean.

Featuring a slightly faded, but rich navy colour, bright white laces and trim on the soles, as well as few exposed stitches around the top of the shoe, this final entry is both versatile and representative of the summer vibes this list is made for.

Looking for your dedicated summer shoe collection?


All the shoes above combined would set anyone up for their best-dressed summer in years, however, there’s plenty more variety and options to choose from in our store.

If you want to see the rest of our collection, just click the button below and start crafting the perfect shoe collection to see you through this summer and many more to come!

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