Aldeavip: The Best Summer Shoes for Men Over 50

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Dressing as an older man can be challenging, especially during the summer.

You can’t rely on classic looks like smart suits, blazers or anything that’s going to suffocate you in the heat.

The same is true for your shoes, you can’t rely solely on a pair of Oxfords or Brogues to get you through the heat.

But how do you maintain the same, refined style that you enjoy during the rest of the year during the hotter months?

Luckily, we’ve got you covered at Aldeavip with our comprehensive list of perfect shoes for summer months!

And don’t worry, it still contains two of the more classic styles you’re familiar with, which will still be perfect for cooler days or evenings.

The J.Bradford Derby - Camel

Made from a classic, rich camel leather and with a mesmerizing brogue-pattern that twists and turns across the shoe, this pair is an iconic addition that every man should have in his wardrobe.

With a contrasting, darker sole and heel, as well as minimal, lacquered laces, it’s ideal for pairing with a set of dressed down chinos and a light, linen shirt.

When formal summer events inevitably happen, you’ll be prepared to meet them in classic style with this stunning pair.

The J.Bradford Murphy Loafers - Burgundy

Burgundy is a very special colour in a shoe, especially a loafer. The dark, sultry tones evoke images of Western saloons, French cafes and restaurants, and vibrant personalities.

Made from a sturdy, darker leather, this pair has the rigidity of a classic Oxford, with the open style and sleek fit of a loafer.

They’re the perfect shoe to swap out your winter office pair for, as the wider fit is cooler, softer on your feet, and generally better suited to warmer months.

The J.Bradford Leather Verne Sandal - Brown

Made with a mixture of artisanal leather and cork, this soft-fitting open toe sandal will be your best friend on every casual occasion, whether it’s a day at the beach with your family, or a lazy afternoon in the garden.

Wearable with both bare feet and socks, it’s a comfortable, airy shoe that will fit you like a glove, even though you’ll feel like you’re wearing nothing at all!

We recommend these with a pair of loose shorts or pants, and a casual polo t-shirt for a classically dressed down outfit.

The J.Bradford Oxford Amanecer - Brown

Sleek, form-fitting, and polished. There’s a reason many men associate this pair of shoes with their favourite sports car or pair it with a formal suit and tie.

This might seem like a heavy pair to wear during the summer months, but you’ll inevitably find yourself at a very formal event or family gathering - and you need a pair of shoes to match the occasion.

The darker brown leather makes this a very versatile shoe, however, so don’t be afraid to pair it with a suit colouring of your choice, such as a navy or tan blazer and pants to match.

The J.Bradford Pablo Loafer - Sky Blue

This is perhaps the most summery shoe on our list, and it’s already made it’s way into a newsletter or two.

This quirky, textured leather shoe instantly makes you think of clear blue skies, warm Mediterranean waters and days spent unwinding in the sun.

It’s the perfect shoe to bring into your summer collection, and features a textured, sturdy sole that offers excellent grip on any terrain.

Frankly, we think it looks so good you could wear just the loafers and nothing else, but if you’re looking to combine it with a set of clothes, we can’t recommend a one-tone set of linen pants and top enough.

Let the sky blue of the pablo do all the talking…

Still looking for other summer styles?


Our catalogue of shoes doesn’t end here.

We’ve got every style, fitting and colour to suit your summer wardrobe.

So, if you want to check out the rest of our collection, just click here to start shopping today!

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