Aldeavip’s Top 5 Holiday Shoes

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What shoe style to wear for every holiday...

Summer is around the corner, and it’s a great time to dress up on location to show off your style abroad as much as you do at home.

With that in mind, we’ve created our top 5 shoe picks for a summer vacation, to help you create the ideal wardrobe for your summer getaway.

Go Greek - A Turquoise Felt Loafer

The first entry on our list - this bright, turquoise loafer slips on effortlessly, and looks no more at home than in a quaint, Greek village or beach.

We recommend pairing this shoe with some minimal colors in your clothes, such as a matching pair of white, canvas pants and shirt, or a pair of muted charcoal shorts and beige top.

With its bright color, it’s a real centerpiece shoe, so don’t shy away from showing it off, especially while enjoying a frappe in the sun!

For a Countryside Getaway - Vintage, Brown Leather Loafer

This refined, almost vintage-looking loafer features crinkled leather with a dark, rich brown style. It will look at home in a grassy, rural setting, such as the Alps in the middle of June, or Champagne in August.

If you’ve ever worn tweed before, and want to dress down while still crafting the same iconic look, this is the shoe for you.

Plus, with the textured sole and soft, beige interior, you’ll have a shoe that can support you on the grass as much as the road.

A Yacht Holiday - The J. Bradford Boat Shoe Loafer

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This iconic entry on our list features a proud, rich leather, crisp, white seams, and a beautiful cream leather sole.

Just by looking at it, you can imagine it at home on a boat party, or a weekend trip with your yacht. It also features some unique, leather laces, which make slipping in and out of the shoe a breeze.

We recommend pairing these loafers with a pair of beige chinos, and a  breezy white tee shirt. Or if you want to dress up, it goes perfectly with a navy blazer and a pair of charcoal pants.

Enjoy a stylish city getaway - J. Bradford Slip Ons

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Featuring J. Bradford’s iconic cognac colouration and a nouveau texture pattern, this trendy, casual pair of shoes is ideal if you’re making a great escape to a foreign city.

Much like our first entry, they’re a real statement shoe, so you should plan the rest of your wardrobe around how these shoes look to truly maximize your style.

Also, because these are the most casual shoes in our list, we recommend wearing them with a pair of dressed down shorts, and a loose tee.

Casual Sandals for a pure beach getaway

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Ready to hit the sand? These are the shoes for you. Classic, open toed sandals made from the finest, sturdiest leather and canvas. Featuring sturdy, adjustable buckles and a well-textured sole, they’re the most casual and durable entry on this list.

Perfect for days when you’re moving from the beach, to the bars, to the cobblestone streets, the beauty of these sandals is that you can wear them in virtually any setting, even for evening drinks.

In summary...


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