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"To me, clothing is self-expression - there are hints of who you are in what you wear.." - Marc Jacobs

Dressing smart-casual can seem like a paradox in terms. You need to look professional, but not too professional. Dress down, but not enough to look like you aren't ready to conduct business.

A lot of men struggle to find a successful balance. Some end up looking like they've been working from home for too long, and others can stick out like a sore thumb (in a tuxedo) in their own office.

We're here to end those trends - by helping you define your own smart casual style with our own inspirational pieces, informed by some of the best sneakers available on out store!

Embrace a casual blazer or jacket with the J.Bradford Abel

You might feel more at home wearing a blazer for more formal occasions, but even if you wear a pair of trousers or chinos and a shirt, all it takes is the simple addition of a fantastic pair of sneakers like the Abel to instantly dress down your look just the right amount.

The simple, sleek black aesthetic with the chunky-trimmed soles of the Abel make it a refined, but soft-style way to bring you smart and casual styles into balance with a single wardrobe item change!

Go cosy and casual with the J.Bradford Everet

As we're fast approaching winter, you might not want to go without a jacket - even in the office.

To create a colder, but still casual aesthetic in your office look, why not embrace a digital lumberjack style by combining a pair of jeans with a chequered shirt and a sleeveless overcoat? The combination (alongside a solid winter beard) can help craft a strong look that is both winter-resistant and appropriate for the office.

Complete the look with a pair of sturdy, high-top style shoes like the J.Bradford Everet!

Put Silicon-Valley spin on your chic with the J. Bradford Troy

Steve Jobs made the black turtleneck, loose jeans and sneakers his very own casual uniform Many silicon valley creatives mimic or evoke this style in their offices, at business meetings, and even at public events.

The combination of a simple turtleneck, loose jeans or chinos, and a standout pair of sneakers that can strongly contrast your look.There's nothing more eye-catching in our sneaker selection than the brilliant cognac-gold colouring and texture of the J.Bradford Cognac. Make this look your own!

A final note on finding your smart-casual balance

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Your smart-casual style will hinge often on a single change in your wardrobe that brings the different items of clothing into balance.

The best way to do this is by changing up your footwear with a pair of artisan-quality, high quality shoes that can define the rest of your look.

Our fantastic selection, particularly across the J.Bradford range, will allow you to comprehensively swing a smart aesthetic into a smart-casual one, helping you dress down and gain more versatility in your wardrobe with minimal effort.

And if one of the shoes we've shown you so far hasn't struck a chord, there are literally dozens of different varieties, colours and styles available on our store which can help you shop the right smart-casual vibe that best suits you!

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