Find your style: Get inspired by these shows


"It's important to find what really suits who you are, because style isn't only what you wear, it's what you project."

Carolina Herrera.

Finding your own style when it comes to dressing can be very complicated. Our environment, work and even the weather affect the clothes we choose to wear every day.
At Aldeavip we believe that the best way to build your style is to experiment with different clothes, styles and colors until you find what you feel most comfortable with.
Today we help you find your style with the 4 series that inspire us the most.

1. Mad Men

mad men style

Our first bet may be the most obvious of all, but we can't make this list without including the magnificent 60's elegance that each episode of Mad Men exudes. From the sobriety of Don Draper's suits to the most colorful and carefree style of recent seasons. We are sure that this series will not disappoint you and, even if it does not fit your style, it will make you immerse yourself in its aura of mysticism and a lot (a lot) of tobacco.

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If you decide to opt for a 60s look, your ideal shoe is classic blucher shoes like these bluchers by J.Bradford "JB-Linz" in any of the three colors, a simple shoe that gives you the option of creating the rest of your look from scratch.

2. Peaky Blinders

peaky blinders style

The series that has made the vintage style most fashionable and that has made us all want to wear Hatteras caps could not be missing from our list. Peaky Blinders has revolutionized the world of men's fashion, and its impeccable style with three-piece suits, interchangeable collar shirts and lace-up boots has transcended the screen and more and more men choose to put aside street style and prefer to wear suits and coats of quality fabrics.

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We give you two boot options if you want to join this new (or old) wave of elegance. Inspired by biker boots, Peter Blade's CHELSY ankle boot will be a sure bet. If you prefer a more versatile option, opt for the JB-VICTOR in Marine. All you need now is a tweed coat.

3. Scandal

scandal style

This series focuses on the work in Washington of a crisis management agency. Although if you choose to follow his style you will not have to face any. The different characters show a lot of their personality through their way of dressing, although what prevails is sobriety. Here you will find classic suits with simple lines and easy to combine that, although they will not take you to the White House, they will make you the most elegant of your surroundings.

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With Scandal we have no doubts, if you want to be influenced by this classically American style, choose some derby shoes as your trusted ones. These JB-CLEMENT follow very classic lines that make them the ideal accessory for any moment of the week.


boardwalk empire style

We end with another period series. Boardwalk Empire will make you want to travel back in time and live in the 1920s of American Prohibition. Despite being set in the same years as Peaky Blinders, you won't find any of the Shelby brothers' sobriety in Boardwalk Empire. Take inspiration from Nucky Thompson, one of the best dressed characters in series history. Colorful ties, plaid suits, colored bowler hats and, of course, his recognizable carnation on his jacket.

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If you want to travel to the New Jersey of the 20s, in your closet you cannot miss two-tone Oxfords, the favorite style of jazz artists, dancers and gangsters of the time. We suggest you adapt it to today with these JB-Kingston in brown and blue.

We hope that our list of the most stylish series of recent years has helped you review your style and find new references. If you are still in doubt, we encourage you to experiment with your own wardrobe and take a look at our new arrivals.

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