Formal workwear: How to dress for work with style

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"Fashion doesn't stop or start - you take it with you no matter what you're doing..."

Formal fashion - it's something a lot of men struggle with. But looking good and feeling confident in what you're wearing when you're at the office, meeting a business client, or travelling for work, especially when you consider that we spend around 1/3rd of our lives working.

It's easy to "give up" and start dressing in very boring formal clothes, reserving your real fashion for when you're not at the office, but we think this is a huge missed opportunity at Aldeavip.

Your fashion shouldn't stop or start, and just because you're working doesn't mean you can't look great. That's why today, we're going to share some of our top formalwear styling tips, to help you start adding some of your personality back into your work outfits.

Add some flair to your traditional business suit

A lot of men try to keep their work suits simple and functional. But there are little tweaks you can make to your outfit that will add more character and colour to your work style. This could be anything from a small pocket square in an interesting hue, or a unique pattern to your jacket.

Or, if you're looking to spice up your formal shoe wear, you could do worse than by trying something like the J.Bradford Glasgow. It's an audacious twist on the classic oxford shoe, harnessing the edgy, Louisiana texture of crocodile leather.

It's perfect for men who want to dip their toe in a bit of nouveaux style, without going overboard, and the natural black colour of the shoe blends perfectly with a more reserved, formal outfit.

Try a more vintage style with the J.Bradford Oxford

Three piece, handkerchief, colorful tie, pocket watch... it's timeless for a reason.

You might shy away from something that seems so vintage, but there are still plenty of men who rock a look like this, and leaning into it means you'll be able to get really creative with your work outfits. There's plenty of variation with a three piece suit, and all the accessories for this look.

Plus, with the J.Bradford Kingston, you can complete the look with something that looks like it was fashioned in the 1800s (in a good way).

Keep it formal and casual with the J. Bradford Moncton!

Just because you're dressing for a formal occasion, doesn't mean you can't dress down a little. For a bit more flexibility in your wardrobe, we recommend our own J.Bradford suede-style Moncton shoe.

Made with artisanal leather and in a rich, matted brown colour, it's ideal for a tweed jacket, sports blazer, or even just a simple set of chinos and a shirt! Just don't forget the leather watch, either!

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