How to dress confidently in your fifties – Featuring Antonio Banderas

Actor Antonio Banderas Boots Shoes

"Everything changes when you get older - your mind, your body, how you view the world..." - Antonio Banderas

Antonio Banderas (or Tony Flags as he’s known to some) rose to fame from humble beginnings in Malaga, Spain, quickly becoming both a Spanish Sex Symbol and a blockbuster Hollywood star worldwide.

And even though the actor is now 62, there’s still plenty to be seen from his wardrobe when he makes it onto the red carpet or the big screen!

Many older men feel like their fashion fades with their age, but this Spanish swashbuckler has proven that you can dress confidently no matter what age you are.

Today, we’ll be sharing some of his looks and the shoes from our collection that can help you stand out, dress to impress, and emulate the style of this Spanish icon!

Create your own bad-boy look with the J. Bradford Olivier

There’s something about a leather jacket and boots that make your style go from good to bad (in a good way!).

Banderas rocks this old biker style with ease, combing the dark leather of his jacket with a simple pair of jeans, a blue shirt and a fantastic beard.

It’s a simple look, but it has impact and class, even though leather jackets are something you’d normally see a younger man wearing these days.

Combined with the bold, high-necked Olivier, your old leather jacket can come out of the wardrobe and carry you in style, with our fantastic J.Bradford shoe taking care of your lower half.

Embrace a “camp” style with the high-heeled J. Bradford Wesley

If you’re feeling really expressive and want a style that reflects that, this vintage look could be the perfect next style choice for you. Banderas classes up with an artsy jacket, checkered polo shirt, and wears his pants in a very old-school Spanish high-waisted style.

We can’t think of a better shoe to go with this look than our J. Bradford Wesley. Featuring a high heel, frills on the tongue, and a glossy, burgundy colouring, it will tie this audacious, timeless look together for you easily.

Dress down to dress up with some casual sneakers!

sneaker shoe white leather orange trim laces

A lot of older men feel like they shouldn’t invest in a casual wardrobe at all, but with the weather still being warm, and less layers being needed - it’s the perfect time to try out a dressed down look, that still has loads of style.

Our favorite Spanish star rocks a pair of navy chinos,  a tight-fitting cotton tee with long sleeves, and some sunnies while he’s out on the town. But his shoes are incredibly youthful, and lend a fantastic contrast to the rest of the look.

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