The best ideas for your New Year’s Eve outfit

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"As of the New Year, the prospects light up; rediscover the good humor lost in a state of failure."

Leonard Bernstein.

Again December arrives and with the month come many events to attend. From meals with colleagues to family gatherings and all the outfits you have to choose to attend. The cold, rain and occasional snowfall make choosing our outfits for these events much more difficult.

For us, the most important outfit of the month is the one we wear on New Year's Eve. That's why we share our tips for you to be the best dressed on the last day of the year.

Say goodbye to the year with a party

If your plan to receive 2023 is to attend a party, your outfit must adapt both to the cold of the street and to the party itself. If there is no protocol or theme, we advise you to follow your style by adding an extra touch of elegance.

Formal trousers combined with a shirt and, if that fits your style, a blazer. You don't need anything else to be successful in this type of event. Add a good coat for the cold and you'll just have to choose your shoes.

Our advice is to take a little risk, some special and elegant moccasins like these JB-GAEL are the ideal company for the whole night.

Celebrate at a gala dinner

Gala dinners are a popular option on these dates. A special location with delicious cuisine to end the year in the most elegant way possible.

You already know what we are going to tell you, if you receive the year like this your outfit must be just as elegant as the plan. A formal suit for the less adventurous and a tuxedo for those who also want to wear the theme in their outfit.

For this type of outfits, you can choose two types of shoes, those that go unnoticed or those that shine as much as your clothes. Whatever your option is, the Oxford shoes will never fail you. We recommend our versatile and comfortable JB-Berlin shoes.

A family party

New Year's Eve can be the perfect time to reunite with your loved ones to reminisce about the year we said goodbye and welcome 2023 together.

For this type of meeting, it is better to choose comfortable clothes, but you must not lose your elegance or your style. You can choose chinos paired with a shirt and even a thin sweater to complete your look. We recommend warm and even light colors, unlike the rest of the options we have given you.

JB-Dubai can be ideal to complete your look, they have the right point of formality and comfort.

Say goodbye to 2022 with a romantic getaway

We've left the most relaxed and informal option for last. Many of us take advantage of New Year's Eve to take a short getaway as a couple, discover a new city or simply enjoy nature together.

Pick a comfy top like a warm sweatshirt or sweater and pair it well with comfy pants or even chinos for a touch of style

In this outfit, the most important thing is comfort, that's why we offer you lace-up leather boots like these JB-VENISE, perfects for all your plans.

Do you need more ideas?

Here we leave you our selection of men shoes so that you continue to be inspired.
Remember, to ensure that your purchase arrives in time for New Year's Eve, you must place your order by December 23rd.

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