The Best Men’s Shoes for Spring 2022

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How to style your footwear for the warmer Spring months...

Spring is here, and you need the right shoes to go with your style. Variety is key, so today we’re going to be covering our Top 5 February Picks for Men from our Aldeavip Range of shoes.

The star brand for this is J. Bradford, a premium Spanish Men’s Shoe Boutique, who have a stunning collection ranging from bold, professional shoes to eye-catching casualwear.

Let’s dive in!

J. Bradford - Cuir Noir Dolar

A variation of the classic boat shoe style, this dark, moody shoe features a Noir colouring, a broad front and an extra bit of lift and texture in the sole.

Ideal for any man looking to add a bit of boldness to their wardrobe, it fits equally into a weekend casual shoe, to a work-week statement shoe around the office. Available with our iconic rubber laces, it’ll be easy to slip on, and provide tremendous comfort, grip and feel while you strut your stuff on the streets or at the office.

J.Bradford Cuir Camel-Bleu

Iconic, decadent and with a bit of added flair through the blue suede trim, this professional shoe has all the classical style of a Richelieu style shoe while still being an amazing head turner with its rich, two-tone color scheme and studded texture, which makes it ideal as both a statement workspace shoe, and as an ideal pairing to a rambunctious casual wardrobe.

J.Bradford Richelieu Homme Cuir Marron

Men's leather Purple Shoe


An offshoot of the last entry in our list, this Richelieu shoe features a darker, moodier leather, and a more refined, burgundy colour suede trim.

Still featuring all the bells and whistles of a true statement shoe, this fantastic entry is ideal for someone with a more colorful palette to their wardrobe, who is also looking to accentuate this audacious style with every step they take.

J.Bradford Bottine Homme Cuir Gris

The perfect balance between muted tones and a casual feel, this tie-up Bottine-style shoe perfectly pairs with both chinos and jeans, making it the gold-standard for smart casual, or just casual casual.

The complete suede texture adds a little bit of extra flair to the muted, mottled greys, and the low cut of the shoe means you’ll have full range of mobility and comfort no matter what party, family event or work meet you’re taking part in.

J.Bradford Cuir Noir Bottine Homme

Featuring perhaps the most iconic style of shoe on our list, this Bottine-style shoe evokes the prestige and charm of its horse-riding origins, while featuring an easy-to-wear slip on style and no-lace functionality.

It truly sits between both professional and casual styles, effortlessly adapting to whatever situation you where it in. The real question with this shoe isn’t “where can I wear it”, it’s “where can’t I wear it?”

That’s everything for now - with these five shoes (and our amazing prices in store), you’ll be set to take Spring by storm with an eclectic range of styled shoes that fit virtually every occasion.

If you need extra guidance or support, we have a 24/7 hotline where you can chat with one of our team members and have us pick out a style, answer a query, or generally help you make your next best shoe purchase!

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