The Top 5 Men’s Loafers for May

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Our Top Selection of Men's Loafers & Styles for May

Loafers are one of the most regal footwear options available to men, as well as the most comfortable and versatile.

As acceptable on a boat party as they are in the office, they add a bit of dramatic flair to your style while fitting seamlessly with any other clothing choices you prefer.

And as we approach summer, there’s no better time to add to your loafer collection or start one!

That’s why today, we’re going to share a rundown of Aldeavip’s Top 5 Loafer choices for men, so you can get some inspiration for how to transform your shoe game.

J. Bradford - The Aitor

This loafer features a textured sole, rich, flexible leather and a tan finish. Perhaps the most inconspicuous piece on our list, it’s a great entry shoe for looking to start wearing loafers, but are unsure which style would work for them.

The interior is a soft felt, and the exposed stitching and lapel-style folds around the top of the shoe give it a certain amount of charm, without too much unnecessary flair.

J.Bradford - The Bunbury

Dark, mahogany leather, sleek plain soles, raised heel… This stout addition to our selection almost seems like a hybrid of a Kingston-style mixed with a traditional loafer.

Made from nearly all leather, it provides a sturdier feel than most loafers, but don’t let it’s more down-played vibe fool you, it can still pair amazingly with a casual outfit, or even as a way to add some refined style to a date night.

J.Bradford - Mackay

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This shoe is evocative of a time long past, when lapelled slippers were worn in 18th century courts. The charming leather bows on the front balance perfectly against the more refined, sleek black style of the rest of the shoe, and the added point to the front gives it a definitely sharp look.

Our personal recommendation for this shoe is to wear it as a contrasting piece to lighter clothes, such as a white shirt, or beige chinos. You’ll not only stand out all the more, but you’ll be able to mix a variety of tones that all point down to the most stylish item: Your shoes.

J.Bradford - Suma

Perhaps the most loafer-y shoe on our list, this broad, open footed loafer features a visibly stunning interior leather lining, dyed a bright rich orange, as well as a noticeable texture across the exterior of the shoe.

The slight curve to the tip of the loafer adds an additional level of character, and the wrinkled seams give off a sense of wizened beauty and style.

Peter Blade - The Sunderland

Easily our most audacious entry, this shoe features a navy-themed stitching pattern and a navy colour to compliment it.

Similar to the Aitor, it has a defined textured sole, but stands out in our list as a shoe with a particular charm and eccentricity to it.

Ideal not only if you want a true “statement” shoe, but also if you’re looking for a loafer that isn’t dedicated leather. It’s a sure-fire way to turn heads at a cocktail party, or to add some cool, quirky tones to your summer wardrobe.

Ready to grow your loafer selection?

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Our loafers are no exception - If you’re interested in starting a fresh loafer collection, or adding to what you already have, just click below to start making your orders today!

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